NB: The process described below is meant for creating a brand identity. Of course I also handle other types of projects such as user interface design, packaging and illustrations. So if you feel the process below doesn’t apply to your project I would be happy to provide you with more info about  a suitable approach.

Please drop me a line at: studio@florisvoorveld.com


Every project starts with a briefing or project description. Whether it’s just a short e-mail or an extended document, a designer needs to know what moves a client in order to be on the same page. A briefing contains all the information you think I need to make the most out of your project. If you find it hard to make a briefing you may use my briefing guide.


A logo or brand identity conveys a message you communicate to your audience. A concept helps you accomplish that. A lot of companies communicate their message very literal, but transforming that message into a concept, principle or perception helps to make the logo or brand identity be memorable, unique and therefore stand out. The same way people use metaphors to describe someting, a concept helps to describe your brand. If you have such a ‘metaphor’ yourself already that is great, if not, we’ll search for one.


When I have received your briefing I will start researching, brainstorming and sketching. Once I feel I’m onto something and have enough  (quality wise, not quantity wise) to show you I will send you a presentation containing the concepts, their explorations, explanation and examples. Don’t expect miracles though. The first presentation is often the beginning of the road ahead. An exciting road, but still, the best logos are often crafted by an extensive process.


After I’ve presented my proposal(s) it is your turn: you may determine direction. What is the road going to look like? You take as long as you like to let it sink in and compose feedback as to what direction you think we should go and whether there are things you particularly like or dislike. With this feedback in mind I’ll tweak, tinker and fine tune the concept further and send you a new presentation once I’m done. These steps then may repeat themselves a few times until we all have a big satisfying smile on our faces.


The most important thing of a project to me is the result. That’s why I don’t work with a certain amount of concepts or revisions: they’re unlimited. I think quality is more important than quantity. I’m a person of  high ideals which naturally works in your benefit.


If you like my approach and you have got a logo/branding/graphic/web/whatever project coming up yourself, feel free to drop me a line: studio@florisvoorveld.com