The next big thing? 21-06-2011

Well, not Twitter or Facebook big, but still. Turntable.fm certainly shows potential combining three succesfull internet mile-stones: The music sharing element of Last.fm and/or Spotify, the gathering points to look cooler and gain reputation of World of Warcraft & the option to chat like one was used to do in the good old chatrooms from ten years back. Sounds like a winner, but can they live up to the promise? Concepts keep coming and going, even MySpace managed to fall behind.

I’ll admit, the concept is somewhat addicting. It goes like this: first you must be able to gain an account since they’re still beta and it’s invite only. If you’re in you can choose from different rooms to be in, each with a different theme. If you enter a room your avatar will be on the dancefloor listening to the tunes the five DJs play, you can judge them by clicking ‘Lame’ or ‘Awesome’. The more ‘Awesome’ clicks, the more points a DJ gathers, the better he’ll look. You can chat by using the old fashioned chatbox I mentioned earlier. Once a DJ quits you can click to take his/her spot, you have to click like a mad man though, since there are more people wanting that spot.

Once you’re Djing you can compose a playlist by selecting from a database or simply upload music from your hard disk. After Djing for a while I noticed that to most DJs gathering points is more important than playing good, maybe even new, music. The World of Warcraft element overshadows the Last.fm element. In some way that’s the whole point, I know, playing what the crowd wants. But still, I find it a shame that good new music isn’t hardly appreciated.

What is also a shame is the UI that is all over the place. No consistency in design what so ever. When I look at the logo I can almost hear the initiator say to his designer: “Make it look a bit Twitter-ish… as a matter of fact, just make it like twitter, but different because I don’t want people to think we’re copying Twitter”. What Turntable.fm needs is a good UI design and a style of its own. The concept is good, it’s kinda like Spotify but way more personal and interactive. They also need to get rid of the numerous bugs, but I won’t complain about that since it’s a beta version.


  1. Lorena 19-07-2011

    Times are chnaging for the better if I can get this online!