Skyfire brand identity

Together with graphic/webdesigner Christian Schoorlemmer I worked on the identity of his company, Skyfire. When two creatives sit together, a vibrant process often takes place. A process that has a clear…

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FV Almelo

Free font: FV Almelo

FV Almelo is an all caps condensed rounded free font ideal for logo design, packaging, headline or editorial design. The capitals are the standard glyphs, if a character has an alternative…

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GUS-Trans logo & stationery

If you act in a branche where times are tough, it’s important that you maintain visible and create some sort of contrast. In short, this was the starting point of…

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FV Enschede

FV Enschede (WIP)

This font is still in the works and therefor not available for download yet. The shapes of the font are inspired by Mondriaan’s philosophy of destructing art to give it…

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FV Deventer

Free font: FV Deventer

This is a one of a kind font, based on the typography jewel smiths used to braze onto filigree over a century ago. It has graceful curves yet rough edges.…

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FV Granada

Free font: FV Granada

FV Granada is a contemporary neo-grotesque type that comes in three weights, and they’re free! It’s named after the beautiful city I lived in when I created it. Also check out my other…

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